Nozy Parker
Site Inspections
& Fault Finder

This module comprises of three interlinked applications - Inspect, Fault Finder and Track:


Provides a mobile application for real time data collection through scheduled and unscheduled observations of actual service delivery, such as preventative maintenance or simple on-site inspections. This can be done on smartphone handheld devices or with our Android INSPECT APP.

This App allows for both scheduled and unscheduled site inspections and can be tailor made to replace any manual checklist currently being utilised.

Scheduled inspections ensure that on the ground staff complete audits of key facilities throughout the day at pre-specified times - these are outputs of the Quality, Compliance and Performance benchmarks outlined in Service Level Agreements and include prescribed checklists with absolute answers for the various Service Providers.

Nonconformity to the queries based on the Service Level Agreement will automatically request images of the area and nonconformity as well as automatically schedule workflow with the relevant departments.

Each inspection is signed digitally by the relevant representative, tracked via GPS together with the duration of the inspection, and a PDF report is sent to managers immediately upon completion.

Fault Finder

Operates similarly to TRACK; however it allows management to log any issues, automatically create and track workflow instantly, without having to log a full scheduled inspection.


Creates dynamic workflows from data gathered by INSPECT and or other channels (such as Revenue Compliance and Equipment Management) in order to ensure that all incidents are logged, prioritized, categorized, assigned and managed in one complete digital solution, allocating the required resource and or action based on quality, quantity, time and cost.

This module is available on desktop and on a mobile device - at the click of a button from anywhere in the world managers are able to check incidents at a site real-time and track the resolution thereof. Within the TRACK application each incident is logged individually as workflow requiring action. Each incident will be escalated automatically and allow for status updates, comments and additional escalations where necessary.

Notifications to the representations at the various levels of escalation will be emailed when new workflow is posted, at prescribed intervals based on the severity and risk associated with the workflow according to the service level agreement deliverables.

Historic Incidents are also accessible through the application, so as to allow management access to a snapshot of actions taken by their team, including representative responsible for closure, time taken to resolve, costs and complications involved.

Through digitizing the compliance and service delivery management process by which managers plan, organize, control, and lead activities/workflows the application ensures compliance and service delivery best practice.

We help you measure any part of the service delivery chain of any facility - assisting management teams to move from REACTIVE processes to PROACTIVE responses. We provide management with the means to measure the PRESENT so as to improve the FUTURE of the facility's service delivery and its value proposition.