Nozy Parker

The Revenue Management Application removes the risk associated with any Non GLA Revenue being handled on your sites, including Parking Revenue, Court Sales Revenue, Media Revenue, Gift Card Sales Revenue and more!

The application integrates with the technology being utilized at each site to provide mall and property owners with a real-time Revenue Report independent to the information supplied by the Operators and Technology Suppliers - providing a protected source of truth into the revenue compliance at each site.

The benefits of utilising this solution:

- No more reliance on manual reports
- Real time notifications and escalations (available on mobile)
- Real time analytics and reports
- Operator training on best practice
- Independent compliance audits

As an example into how the solution works, let us take a closer look at PARKING REVENUE MANAGEMENT.

The Nozy Parker Enuuc runs over the existing parking infrastructure and hardware, pulling all data into our secure cloud environment automatically, which allows owners and managers real-time access to data.

Performance can be evaluated at any point where exceptions are highlighted in the system, rather than the traditional process of addressing performance issues after the fact by means of manually created reports by Operators, only available a week or more after the end of each month and not in all circumstances verified against the system reports generated by the Parking Technology Provider.

The Parking Revenue Management application focusses on the four key pillars of traditional revenue management, with exception reporting allowing for real-time compliance management:


Nozy Parker handles the tracking of each and every transaction with particular emphasis on missing transactions and those considered exceptional [not within the system]. Missing Tickets and Boom Openings are critical metrics when looking at Transactions and every "voucher" issued is currency created that can be used.


Nozy Parker provides a reconciliation of revenue declared at the point of sale [Pay Station] taking cognizance of change replenishment and hopper movement within the pay station. Pay stations self-replenish change and manual reports have historically been force balanced to Revenue - Nozy Parker mitigates this risk.


Nozy Parker deals with the monitoring of banking, movement of cash and how it reconciles with Revenue and Transactions processed at point of sale. This feature can further be digitized, and risks mitigated when utilizing the Nozy Parker Smart Box.

Monthly Parkers

Nozy Parker assists with the management of active tenant debtors - age analysis and database reconciliation and management. It is important to be aware of how many active cards there are in the system. We are able to further assist with Monthly Parker management and user experience utilizing our B2C cashless parking application.