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Performance Management

We provide smart, intuitive digital software solutions to the property industry that improve customer experience by providing real time intelligence for management teams across the disciplines of parking, security, cleaning, landscaping and more.
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Real-Time Measurement
and Workflow Solutions

We believe that pen and paper are the enemy, and that Service Level Agreements are passive documents that need to be activated in order to allow for management efficiency and continuous improvement in service delivery.

Performance Analytics
at the Click of a Button

We track revenue and asset management, including compliance and operational performance on a cloud-based platform in real-time - providing decision makers with the abilityto read the pulse of any operation at any time, on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Nozy Parker Modules

Our software solutions are fast to implement, easy to use and offer rapid return on Investment. All applications enable management by exception and create workflows required by various stakeholders in the value-chain.
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Nozy Parker
Nozy Parker

Cloud Based

Your data is always easily available. Stores data securely on the cloud allowing for real-time retrieval of data both current and historical at anytime.
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Real-time measurement and management notifications and escalations based on severity and risk - enables off-site monitoring and verficiation...anywhere.
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We play nicely with others - The Nozy Parker platform can integrate with other software applications, providing a seamless digital solution.
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The solution is Password protected thereby ensuring proper authentification on the part of users.
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Removes the requirement for "paper" and manually generated reports as well as automatically creates workflows based on exceptions and variances picked up through the solution.
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Enables management by exception by creating workflows required automatically through exceptions, variances and risk priorities found through the platform.
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Detailed Analytics

Detailed analytics across the entire portfolio, providing management with daily, weekly or monthly reports access via online portal.
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We measure accountability, manage responsibility, and report transparently on levels of service throughout the value chain.
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We Take the Risk
Out of Revenue

By providing real-time exception reporting and accountability workflow management, managing revenue real time through exception reporting.

We Take the Manual
Out of Management

The Solution provides accurate reporting from source and removes the "finger trouble" from manual data capturing.

We Improve
People Performance

The solution empowers management and staff through informed decision-making and optimizes staff performance through the automatic workflow and accountability created by the solution. Teams can focus on priorities and tasks at hand rather than on manual administration.

We Optimise
Technology Uptime

The Asset Management System ensures that the most critical issues within the business are dealt with, reported on and escalated at the touch of a button. It also automatically tracks the reoccurrence of incidents and cost of the issues in the business.

We Play Nicely
With Others

The Nozy Parker solution can integrate with other software applications, enterprise or property solutions, to provide a seamless digital solution.


Let us know how we can help you improve your management through measurement.

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