Nozy Parker

An IoT system which leverages off internal business intelligence, ensuring the most critical technical issues within the business are being dealt with, reported on and escalated at the touch of a button - optimizing uptime. In order to optimise the uptime of equipment we integrate an IoT system that tracks every operation of an asset.

This will allow management to:

- Evaluate performance and which units are under most pressure
- Anticipate maintenance and replacements required ahead of time
- Automate workflow created when machine experiences downtime

The platform also automatically tracks the reoccurrence of incidents and cost of the issues in the business in order to manage efficiencies in expenditure.

The app can be tailored to track any uptime or equipment usage - even monitor product stock levels (e.g. soap dispenser that orders more soap when supply drops below a threshold).

The benefits of utilizing this application:

- Maintenance costs do not run away with you
- First time fixes
- Increased uptime
- Efficiencies in expenditure
- Predictive Maintenance