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Hot topics of late in the retail management industry are EXPERIENTIAL SHOPPING MALLS, CUSTOMER JOURNEYS and the unknown FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. All, however, have been seemingly aspirational statements made in board meetings and attempted strategies that have seen companies introducing ad hoc technology in an attempt to “lead the race”.

True value and transformation, however, will be realised when companies start harnessing data and effectively utilising the Internet of Things (IoT) to gain better insights and solve key business challenges. Companies that fail to re-think and optimize their operations through data-driven insights will find it increasingly difficult to remain competitive and could be rendered obsolete in the future.

In this constantly changing environment, the need for experiential customer journeys generates growing demands on malls and effectively the service providers caretaking those spaces, who need to re-align their thinking and go about their businesses differently.

Ask yourself - Has your business evolved? Do you know the real-time status of your operations and service delivery?

Management and Service Providers need to be agile and responsive in dealing with today’s most pressing challenges including high operating expenses, low profit margins, high staff turnover and absenteeism, frequent customer churn, rapidly changing customer behaviour, while also preparing themselves for the complexities of the future.

Although new technology cannot in itself create value and new operational processes, new technology can indeed act as an enabler that makes it possible to harness real-time data that empowers management teams and facility managers to work more efficiently and make informed decisions in the service delivery chain.

NOZY PARKER assists property owners, managers and service providers to overcome the above challenges through an OVERLY INQUISITIVE digital service and solution provided to negate the risks and challenges at each facility they support. Nozy Parker’s main focus is improving management through measurement. By collecting and analysing data in real-time, which then creates automated workflows, management teams and service providers are empowered to improve their operations by driving operational efficiency, increasing customer satisfaction, as well as boosting staff engagement.

Nozy Parker provides property owners, managers and service providers with:
1. SMART, INTUITIVE DIGITAL SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS: They supply the property industry with digital solutions that improve customer experience by providing real-time intelligence for management teams across the disciplines of parking, security, cleaning, landscaping and more.
2. REAL-TIME MEASUREMENT AND WORKFLOW: They believe that pen and paper are the enemy, and that Service Level Agreements and Standard Operating Procedures are passive documents that need to be activated in order to allow for efficiency, management effectiveness and continuous improvement.
3. PERFORMANCE ANALYTICS AT THE CLICK OF A BUTTON: They track revenue compliance, asset and operations performance on a cloud-based platform in real time - providing decision makers with the ability to KNOW the pulse of any operation at any time, on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Nozy Parker’s software solutions are fast to implement, easy to use and offer rapid return on investment. All applications enable management by exception and create workflows required by various stakeholders in the value chain:

The Revenue Management module allows for real-time revenue compliance management and risk mitigation by focusing on the four key pillars of revenue management – cash banking, debtors, transactions and revenue. This can be applied to disciplines such as Parking Revenue, Gift Card Revenue, Court Sales Revenue and more.

This module utilises the Internet of Things to leverage off internal business intelligence, by gathering critical data, ensuring technical issues within the business are being attended to, optimizing asset and equipment uptime.

This module offers real-time data collection through a mobile application that allows for scheduled and unscheduled observations of actual service delivery. Each input is linked to a responsive workflow and allows for real-time incident management. This can be used to replace manual checklists, digitise and activate any Service Level Agreements and Standard Operating Procedures, all in real-time.

The Track Application creates dynamic workflows from data gathered by the various other modules, in order to ensure that all incidents are logged, prioritized, categorized, assigned and managed in one complete digital solution, allocating the required resource or action, based on quality, quantity, time and cost.

This module aims to "make mundane work meaningful" allowing the tracking of individual employee performance, utilising gamification and allowing for incentivisation linked to participation on the platform and improving responsiveness and compliance due to the accountability the module creates.

The Performance Management Module is a patented performance management solution completely customizable per client. It provides a real-time suite of dashboards that measures performance across the entire value chain servicing the facility.

Nozy Parker's vision is to revolutionise the way the property industry measures service delivery by enabling all stakeholders to engage meaningfully through a central platform, providing intelligent analytics for service delivery teams to respond to the environment real-time, enhancing the customer experience throughout the value chain.

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